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 * Stabilized Rice Bran and Soluble Rice Bran
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 We are the premiere source for consumer-packaged Stabilized Rice Bran and derivative products, like Rice Bran Solubles, of the highest quality in the United States. The rice used for our rice bran products is Non-GMO and domestically grown here in the United States.
We are also very proud to offer a broad spectrum of other nutrient-dense Nutritional "Super Foods" and nutritional supplements in powder form.


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Temporarily Out of Stock of Riceplex SRB (Soluble Rice Bran)

Learn the Health Benefits of this natural Vitamon C source !
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Astragalus Root Powder, Now just $17 per one-pound pouch
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 We currently offer two versions of our Stabilized Rice Bran. Which one is right for you?

Riceplex SRB

Riceplex FIBER

 Also known as Rice Bran "Solubles"

* Only the soluble fiber is contained in this version (the insoluble fiber has been
* Will fully dissolve in water, making a milk-like beverage for drinking.
*Essentially pre-digested for
easy absorption.

* Best for drinking as a beverage.

* Contains both soluble and
insoluble fibers.
* Good for health shakes and smoothies.
* Best for using in cooking and baking as a partial flour substitute.

 Varicose Veins Natural Oil

We invite you to look around, and if you don't see something you hoped we would have, don't hesitate to call or email us. We'll be happy to try and source it for you. Our intention is to be a one-stop location for life enhancing products. 

Commercial customers and formulators that need bulk quantities of our rice bran offerings, please contact mbelini@riceplex.com to discuss your specific needs.

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